Seafile groups define groups of users of the data-sharing platform. This allows library sharing, conversation or wiki creation directly on this set of user profiles.

Group creation

To create a group, follow this procedure using the Seafile web portal:

Click on "Shared with groups"

Shared with groups

Existing groups will then appear.

Click on the "Every groups" line

Every groups

In the right part of the interface, the existing groups and the associated libraries will appear:

Library list

To create a new group, click on the "New group" button

Nouveau groupe

In the dialog that will appear, enter the name of the group to create. Once validated, the new group will appear in the list:

Nouveau groupe

Manage the group properties

There are two ways to access to the group properties :

  1. By clicking on the name of the group in the "Shared with groups"
  2. By clicking on the name of the group in the "My groups"

Group properties

Create a library

Simply click on the "New library" button

Group management

By clicking on the gear icon you will be able to:

Display group members

The icon below displays the group members :

Group members

Chat within a group

You can leave messages as a chat to other members of the group using this icon:


Members of the discussion will be notified by the icon between the profile picture and the search field at the top of the interface:


Group deletion

Important ! Before deleting a group, be sure to delete or transfer the libraries that are linked to it.

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