Of hot backup

What is a hot backupĀ ?

Hot backup allows you to back up opened files (files in use by a third party application) without disturbing the system behaviour. For instance, it is possible to perform a hot backup of database files without interrupting their manager and therefore without application downtime. This technology exists on Windows, and the component in charge of this process is called VSS (for Volume Snapshot Services).

Different types of hot backups

There are two types of hot backup and that's where things are getting a bit more complicated.

What does Arx One Backup do

The backup agent can work using three modes :

  1. Cold backup, with an usual file opening method. This only works when the file is not already opened by another application.
  2. Component mode backup, if the file is opened and compatible with this mode (the application itself provides this information).
  3. Hot backup, if the file is opened and not compatible with the component mode. There is a warning on this specific point : the file is opened and the application does not know the current backup. Therefore, there is a possibility that the file content is not in a coherent state.

How to avoid hot backup in file mode and the associated warning ?

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