QNAP environment


The backup agent relies on two packages:

In order to install those packages, it is required to add two package sources in the AppCenter.
To do this, open the AppCenter parameters and add the following entries:
The entries are:

Name Web site
MyQNAP https://www.myqnap.org/repo.xml
Arx One get.arx.one

The DotNet SDK package can then be installed from the MyQNAP store, within the dev tools section:

Finally, the Arx One Backup package:


The NAS can be configured to perform automatic updates, in the AppCenter parameters:
Otherwise, updates will be show when connecting to QNAP user interface.

How to link an account to a QNAP agent

To setup a backup account with a QNAP agent, here is what you need to do:

As shown below:

Backup account configuration

Be careful, this procedure can only be done once. Once the account has been linked to the target machine, you can only change the account by deleting or editing the configuration files.

You can use the console connection procedure for the next connections.

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