Parameter access

The above strategy keys allow you to hide some parameters block in the user interface.

Key Control
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationAuthentication Using specific credentials on selection nodes
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationBandwidthLimit Bandwidht limit management
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationCdp Continuous backup
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationEmail E-mail addresses for both backup and administrative reports
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationFilters Inclusion and exclusion filters for the backup selection
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationNetwork Network configuration(proxy...)
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationReports Backup and administration reports
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationRotation Backup data retention / rotation
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationSchedule Backup scheduling
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationScripts Pre and post backup scripts
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationSelection Data selection to backup
AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationSrc Smart Restore Check (SRC) configuration
AccessControl.CanChangePassword User password change

Possible values for these keys are :


You wish to allow your users to select their data to backup, but you don't want them to handle the filtering.

Resulting strategy :

AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationSelection: true AccessControl.CanAccessConfigurationFilters: false

Note : the first line is optional because it only forces a defaut value.

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